Wednesday, July 9, 2008



Are you an artist who wants to break into the gallery world?

Studio 79 offers Artist Management services in three packages to help Artists break into the art world. We also specialize in gallery events and art sales to help build your network and get you noticed.

PACKAGE 1: $150

1 hour all-purpose consult. Topics covered include what you need to do to prepare yourself for the art world and how to effectively present your art. In this consultation we discuss your artist website, artist statements, resumes, writing about your art, pricing your art and options for selling your art and a critical review of your work and how to reach your targeted audience.

PACKAGE 2: (Billed at $55 per hour)

- Critical analysis of your website.
- Analysis of your portfolio and how to present yourself and your work
- Discussion about what Galleries are looking for
- How to present yourself to art dealers, galleries and collectors
- Help on pricing your art
- How to market your work and target an audience
- How to successfully organize yourself, learn some business tips for artists
- Will put you in contact with people who can help get your artwork together

PACKAGE 3: (Billed at $45 per hour, minimum of 8 hours per week)

In this package, you hire me to do all of the work for you so you can allow yourself to be the artist while I take care of the business end for you. In this package you hire me to work for you, part-time at a minimum of 8 hours per week. This package allows me to fully dedicate my time to pull strings for you. I will make the contacts for you to help successfully market your work, and act as a representative for you as an artist. Everything included in Package 2 will apply to Package 3. This package works best if you have a goal for a large show, planning an event or plans for a huge sale. Some tasks included in this package are as follows:

- Any necessary research, legwork and marketing for you.
- Gallery research, and connections for submitting your artwork
- Assembly of professional submission packets and sending them off
- Designing necessary postcards, business cards, writing of proposals, and grants
- Grant research and submission
- Promoting you as an artist
- Marketing you work with online sales markets
- Managing your website
- Setting up shows for your work
- Connecting you with, photographers, printers, screenwriters, Public Relations, builders, legal advisors, set designers, lighting specialists and anyone necessary to achieve your goals as an artist.